IPETTIE Tritone/Fiumi Ceramic Pet Lotus Pet Water Fountain Replacement Filters



Product Description

Size:5 Replacement Filters

Have you ever worried that your pets may drink water from some unclean water resources when you are out?

Have you ever worried that your pets may get allergic to those plastic drinking fountains which are in poor quality?

Now iPettie Tritone and Fiumi Pet Drinking Fountain can solve all the problems you’re concerned about!!!

Key Features

Two-stage Purification: foam filter and Coconut shell activated Carbon filter for refusing all kinds of hair and debris, removing bad tastes or odors, and purifying water

Safe and Healthy Material: Non-woven fabric, high-density PP cotton, Coconut shell activated carbon


Please replace the filters and clean the fountain regularly. The complete cleaning can be done every two weeks so that you can ensure the water quality, and the filter should also be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the number of your pets and the water condition.

Package Content

4 x Carbon Filters

1 x Foam Filter

Replacement Schedule: Filters should be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks for better water quality, mainly depending on water condition and the number of pets.
Dual Filtration System: The carbon filter helps purify the water and eliminate bad odors, while the foam filter blocks out any hair, dust or food debris.
Health and Safety: Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, the filters help ensure the water quality and provide healthy and pure water to protect your pet’s health.
Replacement for Tritone and Fiumi: This replacement filter is specifically for iPettie Tritone and Fiumi Ceramic Pet Water Fountain, suitable for dogs or cats of all sizes. The package includes 4 carbon filters and 1 foam filter.
Kind Reminder: Before the replacement, rinse the filters with clean water, and it is better to have a constant and sufficient supply of filters to ensure the water quality.

Additional information

Item Weight

2.88 ounces


10 Replacement Filters, 5 Replacement Filters

Shipping Weight

2.4 ounces ()




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