Pet Factory 78109 Beefhide | Dog Chews, 99% Digestive, Rawhides to Keep Dogs Busy While Enjoying, Assorted (Beef & Chicken) Flavored Rolls, Pack of 20 in 5″ Size, Made in USA


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Are You Always Worried About Keeping Your Dog Busy And Entertained Whenever You Go For Outing, Or Whenever You Are Busy In Your Day-To-Day Tasks And You Want Your Dog To Remain Peaceful by Keeping It Engaged With Some Activity? Yes, It Is Possible by Satisfying the Dog’s Innate Chewing Urge. Give Them Beefhide Chip Rolls; and See The Difference. Pet Factory 78109 Beefhide Chip Rolls Will Keep Your Dog Busy and Entertained For a long time. Exclusive Natural Dental Chews – 99% digestible chews with Beef and Chicken flavor. Completely Digestible – High quality Beefhide chip rolls keep your dogs busy for a long time. This is really a great treat for your pooch. No Harmful Ingredients – These rolls are free from any unnatural additives, chemicals, and preservatives. The product contains all natural, ingredients which are 100% healthy & safe for your dog. Maintains Dog’s Behavioral And Oral Health – Low calorie Beefhide rolls contain protein and fiber. Safety – The pack contains 20 rolls that are 5 inches in size. This roll size prevents the dog from swallowing the piece and avoids any further risk. 100% made in USA ADDITIONAL SAFETY NOTE – The dangers of any chew treats are not inherent to raw hide. Some dogs will try to consume their treat in record time. If your dog chews their treat too quickly, they can easily choke on a piece that is too large. Even if they can swallow such a large chunk whole, this does not mean that it can pass through their system without doing damage. Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Provide Your Dog A Treat And Keep Them Busy And Entertained.

✓EXCLUSIVE DOG CHEWS – Pet Factory Beefhide is 100% made in USA product. Beefhide chip rolls are totally natural and very nutritious dog chews. These chews are easily digestible and very gentle for sensitive stomachs. The beefhide rolls are of 5 inch in size and very safe as dog chews. This low-calorie treat contains protein and fiber which is great for dog’s behavioral and oral health.
✓BEEFHIDE ROLLS TO KEEP DOGS BUSY AND ENJOYING – These Pet Factory 78109 Beefhide chip rolls are healthy, delicious and digestive. These Rawhides chews will keep your dog busy. They are made out of totally natural material making them digestible. They are the best alternative to any other similar pet chews.
✓MADE OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Chicken and Beef Flavored Beefhide Chip Rolls could be a treat for your dog. The Beefhide is a quality product; a strict GFSI food quality standard is followed in manufacturing. Beefhide chews provide unsurpassed quality combined with natural flavor. Beefhide chews contain unmatched quality thicker fibers that result into longer lasting chews. The Beefhide Rollss do not contain any artificial ingredients and chemicals, as well as any preservatives.
✓MAINTAINS DOGS’ HEALTH – Safe, natural and certified product helps your dog in improving dental health through scraping away the plaque, controls tartar build-up and maintains gum health. Beefhide Chip Rolls also meet the purpose of satisfying dog’s innate chewing urge.
✓YOUR PIECE OF MIND – This is a highly nutritious product for the dogs that can provide many hours of chewing experience and entertainment for your dog. These rolls are flavored with beef & chicken and will keep your dog busy chewing for a long time. These Beefhide Rolls are made out of natural ingredients and are absolutely safe to be used both indoors and outdoors.

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8.8 x 2.5 x 12 inches ; 15 ounces

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1.1 pounds ()


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